COVID-19 UPDATE   Sunday morning services are being held again at 10:30. There are limited seats available, due to the social distancing seating layout and the rules for public gatherings. Happily we have not had to turn anyone away yet but it is possible we will need a 'first come, first serve' arrangement.

We will continue to make use of the internet including our YouTube channel

Any questions, contact

With the peace that God gives we pray that He will keep us all through this time, bring good out of it, and be merciful to those who are suffering.


The message of Jesus Christ is an unchanging and life-changing message.

Real, loving, and believing churches throughout the world have this in common: they exist only because of that message and the person it points us to - Jesus Himself.

We at Norwich Evangelical Free Church are no exception. We are an unimpressive and flawed group of people, but we celebrate God's grace in forgiving all of our sins and making us brothers and sisters in his family. We endeavour to share the good news of eternal life by faith in Christ with people around us.

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