COVID-19 UPDATE JANUARY 2021    Sunday morning services are being held again at 10:30, as permitted in the 2021 lockdown. These are with social distancing, face coverings, and extra ventilation.

If you are interested in coming, and are sure it is sensible for you to do so, please do come along. But if you are in a high risk category or are showing symptoms or have recently been with someone with Covid, sadly it is important for you to stay at home.

We will continue to make use of the internet including our YouTube channel

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If you could ask God any question you wanted, what would it be?

A why question, like ‘Why all the suffering?’
A how question, like ‘How can I know you’re there?’
Something really deep? Something really different?

We would like to hold meetings later this year that explore the big questions people are actually
asking, and consider what the Bible has to say about them.

We would welcome your suggestions for a big question.

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